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Periodontal Maintenance

Why is it recommended that I come in every three months for “maintenance” when I have been diagnosed with gum disease?
Gum disease is an extremely destructive disease and as many know, they don’t necessarily have any signs or symptoms. It is recommended to have your teeth cleaned every three months to disrupt the biofilm that is causing the destruction. Studies show that three months is the interval when the virulent bacteria will begin to do their damage. Even if your disease is currently stable, you are more susceptible to breakdown.

What is the goal of maintenance?
The goal of maintenance is to disrupt the biofilm, diagnose any decay, monitor the progress of the “pockets” or evaluate new ones and perform an oral cancer check. We will discuss ways to improve your oral health at home. We can also look at your systemic health and discuss strategies to improving your overall health.

What if my insurance only covers two cleanings a year?
This is a common complaint and is understandable. There are risks to not disrupting that biofilm on a regular basis. Choosing not to follow the recommendations is a personal decision.

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